French Online’s GCSE French programmes by telephone, Skype and by email are ideal for the student who wants to revise their GCSE French with a tutor and for the student who needs a boost to get a high grade. French Online offers a range of GCSE French programmes by telephone, Skype and by email for convenience, more frequent number of lessons which results in better learning and more competitive prices with an experienced and qualified French native tutor.

French Speaking GCSE

This programme is ideal for the student who wants to check their Speaking skills before the exams, for the student who needs a tutor to revise their French Speaking GCSE and for the student who needs more practice in answering questions and doing role-plays in French.

Your assigned tutor will select at each session a topic of Speaking GCSE and will ask you the questions by telephone for you to answer.
The tutor will make note of any mistakes you may have made and send you the appropriate sentences by email.

Your tutor will also work with you on role-plays and will send you the answers to you after the lesson.

Written French GCSE

This is the ideal way to improve written skills, to increase your French vocabulary, to understand the French grammar clearly as it will be explained in a simple way and to practise for the French GCSE writing paper. The objectives of the tailor-made assignments will be to develop your writing skills for the GCSE. You will receive all assignments to complete by email. After completing the tasks you will send them back to your tutor who will check and advise you further. To consolidate your knowledge of French, the tutor may send you exercises to work on any weaknesses they may have identified.
You pay for your assignments in advance and your tutor sends you an assignment of your choice by email: foundation, higher tier or tailor-made. The fees include the preparation of the assignment and the correction of the work completed with the tutor’s feedback.

Fees For The Written French GCSE

      • Foundation past paper style assignment: £16
      • Higher Tier past paper style assignment: £28

You can use the hours of the 5-hour and 10-hour packages as you want in 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute-sessions to make up 5 or 10 hours. You will receive a record of hours and minutes after each session.
Packages are non-refundable.


Oral GCSE will give you all the questions you need to know to prepare yourself for the oral exam. All the topics are included with a number of basic and more advanced questions to make sure that you understand the examiner when you sit the examinations.

The topics in your CD are the required for “French GCSE Oral”:

Homelife including daily routine, meals, description of house and garden, members of the family, hometown and region including local facilities and comparisons with other towns, education including school life and future plans, environmental issues including weather and seasons, pollution, recycling, social issues including homelessness, crime, drugs, healthy living, injuries and accidents, religion, politics, life in other countries including people and personalities abroad, global issues and events, how people spend their leisure time, travel and tourism, youth culture including fashion, music, shopping, sport, holidays, the world of work including work experience, future careers, the media including news, television, film and radio programmes and reviews.

Ordering Instructions

To order your  CD “French GCSE Oral” please fill in this form carefully and submit it. You will then receive your invoice by email or post. Your CD will be sent shortly once the payment is made – £12 (Incl. P&P)

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Payment can be made by cheque or by PayPal. Once the payment has been made the test appointment will be confirmed.

Price for the test: £16.