Learning French by Skype

Having been taught by the same teacher through Skype for a total of four years now, I cannot stress just how amazing these Skype lessons are. I was at first, as many other students I presume also are, a bit hesitant to try this method of teaching. I had previously been taught by tutors face-to-face and interacting with a tutor over Skype seemed like a strange concept to me. However, I can honestly say,¬†after all these years with my tutor, our Skype lessons turned out to be far better than any face-to-face interactions I have ever had with other tutors. I first started when I was 15, at the beginning of my GCSE’s, at a point where my French was very weak. As a good tutor should, she instantly spotted my weaknesses and strengths, helping me to build on both during my 45 minute lessons in a way that I found neither patronising or stressful. The lessons were extremely organised and my tutor would always send me the documents I needed for the upcoming lesson hours in advance. I saw myself progress extremely quickly and went from being a mediocre French student at the beginning of my GCSEs to receiving an A* at the end of Year 11. It was because of my tutor’s way of teaching and this brilliant Skype method that I decided to continue learning French at A level standard. It was a great feeling entering my French class at school and being that one step ahead all because of my private tuition. I found that being on the other end of a Skype call and not being able to see my tutor’s face, was far less patronising and nerve-racking and I was less afraid to make mistakes. Now, having finished my French A Level and having received an A Grade, I can honestly admit that I am sad to leave these lessons behind as I embark on my journey at university. Without these lessons, my successes in my study of the French language would not have been possible.

Alexia is an A level student who wrote about the benefits of Skype lessons.

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