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It goes without saying that reading in French will help you increase your vocabulary and recycle the lexicon left at the back of your head. The words and expressions are in context and you can learn their structures , e.g. whether a verb requires a preposition or not etc.

You can’t learn all the vocabulary in lessons. There are too many words in a language and not enough time. Besides, learning words does not necessitate a teacher, so try to do as much as you can on your own to widen your knowledge. If you want to memorise the new words it is a good idea to write them in a list. In Vocabulary is Everything you will get many tips on acquiring more vocabulary.

For A level and PreU students and levels above, reading the news in French is a requirement. First of all, A level students who study with Edexcel or PreU students can be asked questions related to the current affairs. Therefore if they don’t follow the news, they may not be able to answer the examiner’s questions.

Here are a few newspapers that French adults read in France:

I would highly recommend to any student learning French at an beginner, intermediate or advanced (A level and PreU) level to read news websites aimed at French kids and teenagers. The articles are shorter and simpler. Yet, you will learn many useful words that will be needed in various topics. The following news websites below are free and include some recordings:


Bonne lecture!

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